History of escorts

Definition of Escorts and the history behind it

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Is escort the same as prostitution? What’s the conceptual difference between escorting and prostitution? These are some of the major questions many individuals ask and here is a clarification of this convoluted issue. To start with, let’s define escort as a verb and later as a noun. To escort is to accompany somebody as a guide or as a protector. As a noun, therefore, an escort is an individual who accompanies someone and gets paid for her/his time as agreed. 

On the contrary, prostitution is an activity involving sex in exchange for money. So, while an escort gets paid for the time spent, a prostitute gets paid for sex. Escorting is a mode of service delivery while prostitution entails sexual activities for financial gain. A recent tally indicated that there are at least 40 million escorts globally. 

Escort history 
The escorts’ existence dates back in the 16th century although by then, they were termed as prostitutes. It was mostly practiced in Rome but spread rampantly to other countries. The principal motive of escorting then was financial struggles, which is still the same to date. After it was discovered that escorting was lucrative, some middlemen started to trade women for sex collecting a tremendous amount of cash. Currently, the revenue collected from the sex industry is at $100 billion. With time, individuals introduced sanity by regulating the industry and ensured that nobody was forced to join the industry. 

Escort as a profession 
Escort is the world’s oldest profession that grows every single day. Escort is a profession just like any other, which should be included in the hospitality category, and has its rules and standards governing the sector. A professional escort goes through progressive training on how to treat a client for satisfactory results. 

No escort company hires an escort without screening their behavior because their reputation and existence rely on the escorts’ ability to offer quality services. In every business maintaining a broad clientele base is imperative, and in the escorting industry, this is also of great importance for company growth and survival. Being an escort is a profession and many have developed a career out of it and have become successful millionaires. 

Why escorts are not prostitutes 
In this digital era, people tour different places and require company. At times, individuals tour as a corporate or as a group, have fun together and celebrate life. However, somebody’s touring opportunity may not coincide with other peoples’ leisure time. Can you tour in sorrow while you can hire an escort? 

Generally, a guard is an individual well phrased with the local environment and knows where to go if the client wants to party or beautiful and quiet sceneries where one can relax peacefully. The primary role of an escort is ensuring that she is providing general services as prescribed on the contract. Most clients in need of attendants are above 80 years of age, and such individuals need care and company more than sexual satisfaction. 

Most prostitutes wake up and vacate to the streets. Their primary aim is money while an escort major objective is the quality of the service delivered. An escort has a specific rate per hour; hence the more the hours, the more the cash. An escort meets the client in a designated location and offers professional services like massaging as many of professional escorts are masseurs. The escort is not restricted to express or do what she feels fit to make a client happy. This proves that escort and prostitution are different in term of service delivery. 

Benefits of being an escort 
One of the significant benefits of being an escort is guaranteed income. Most unemployed individuals found solace in working as escorts and have lived to enjoy the fruits of their dedication and committed to the escorting career. Moreover, financial freedom and easy working schedules have lured many to becoming escorts as many individuals work under harsh conditions in certain professions.


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